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Splinterverse Media

About Us

Producing Quality Content
Our books are designed with balance, quality, diversity, and innovation in mind to make sure the final result offers a premium experience at an economical price.

Building Community
Our weekly video series and YouTube channel are devoted to promoting Dungeons & Dragons books from third party publishers. Our goal is to raise awareness of these titles and creators.


The Four Pillars

When creating our books, we are guided by the following pillars:

QUALITY Our books undergo a rigorous editing process to make them as error free as possible. We also include a significant amount of art to beak up text and enhance the viewing experience.


BALANCE Our books are balanced to fit alongside the mechanics and power established by the official fifth edition D&D publications.


INNOVATION We seek to innovate with each of our books rather than simply reskin existing content or make "yet another" title in the same category. Each book should have new mechanics and concepts to differentiate it in the marketplace and to make it special.


DIVERSITY Both behind-the-scenes and on the page, we seek diversity in thought and representation. It is important to us that readers see themselves in our work, so we strive to represent that in both the characters we create and in the creators who work on our books.

Streamers and Podcasters

Actual play podcasts and actual play streams are welcome to use any and all material from our books. We just ask that you acknowledge the book by name during each episode where it is used/referenced and include a link in your show notes for people to purchase the book.

For podcasts and streams that are not actual play, you are welcome to discuss our books on your shows but we ask that you not show the entirety of the product (to prevent piracy). If you are a reviewer and would like a free copy of one of our books, please use our contact form to reach out to us.


Fellow Publishers

Third party publishers of D&D-compatible OGL books  may reference proper names of characters, monsters, places, items, spells, etc. from our D&D books if the book adheres to the following criteria:

1. It must be a reference only. No statistics other than proper name (and price if it is a magic item or otherwise has an in-game price).

2. The book must include that the names referenced are copyright © Splinterverse Media in the OGL.

3. The publisher must not represent that they created the referenced names.

4. The book must not contain racist or other hateful material, must not include any pornography, and must not violate the law or OGL.

You can include a page number reference if you like.

We also appreciate a link to purchase the referenced book if possible.

If you are a third party publisher and would like to reference something from our books, please feel free to reach out for clarification or just to let us know that you plan to reference something.

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