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Dragonlance Companion

180 pages
Hardcover, digital PDF

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

The authors of the platinum-bestselling Feywild Companion and Fizban’s Vault of Draconic Secrets, bring you a 180-page book over six months in the making. The world of Krynn is yours with the Dragonlance Companion. Players and DMs will find everything they need to create compelling characters and undertake exciting adventures across Ansalon and beyond.

This book includes:

  • 3 classic races including 3 subraces

  • 13 subclasses including one for each class

  • 2 backgrounds with 7 feats

  • 19 spells

  • 16 magic items

  • 6 legacy items that evolve based on your actions

  • 100 trinkets

  • 9 monsters and 44 stat blocks

  • 21 deities with piety and herald items that improve with piety

  • 2 adventures (tier 1 and tier 2)

  • 2 encounters

  • 70 adventure hooks

  • Time travel options

  • Digital edition includes 88 VTT tokens and 2 maps (with 4 variations each – 72DPI, 300DPI, grid, gridless)

  • Digital edition is fully bookmarked and hyperlinked for ease of use

  • Digital edition includes printer friendly version

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