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Feywild Companion

151 pages
Hardcover, softcover, digital PDF

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

Everything you need to go Feywild!

The beauty and danger of the Feywild is yours to explore with this 150-page treasury of player and dungeon master content. Inside you will find hours of Feywild and fey-inspired fun, including:

  • 2 lineages and a race

  • 13 subclasses, one for each class including lore tables

  • 2 backgrounds

  • 13 spells

  • 4 feats

  • 4 familiars

  • 16 magic items ranging from common to legendary, each one illustrated

  • 16 flowers of the Feywild that double as a new consumable items

  • 50 trinkets

  • 50 wild effects

  • 31 monsters from CR 0 to 25

  • 17 NPCs including an archfey villain

  • 2 complete adventures for levels 1-8

  • 6 encounters for levels 1-11

  • 56 adventure hooks

  • 3 VTT maps including grid/no-grid and day/night for a total of 24 variations

  • 79 VTT tokens


Plus . . .

  • A brand new domain of delight for the Feywild with a map, history, archfey, adventure hooks, and more!

  • Optional rules to accurately increase or decrease monster size!

  • Optional rules for handling fey crossings and cold iron!

  • PDF is hyperlinked and bookmarked for ease of navigation!

  • Printer-friendly version included!


Whether you want to expand the options provided by The Wild Beyond the Witchlight or simply make your own way into the fey realm, Feywild Companion has everything you need!

Feywild Companion - Cover LARGE FRONT.jpg

"It is a great supplement. The artwork in it is absolutely amazing!"

--Home Brew Crew YouTube Channel


"This is an incredible resource for those looking for Feywild content."

--Wesslhausen Twitch streamer

"There's so much in this book, it's insane! Even the art itself is worth buying the book for. It looks like a book from Wizards of the Coast. It's worth the money!"

--The Mighty Flail podcast

"This fits the bill for everything I look for in a D&D supplement. The price is spot on."

--GameMasters YouTube channel 

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