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Potions Unlocked

104 pages
Softcover, digital PDF

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

Potions don’t have to be boring. With the potions inside these pages, you can create magical armor made of crystals, use shrunken heads to gain different powers, sprout glimmering wings with a halo, and much more. Each potion has one or two pages devoted to it, including a complete short story detailing how the potion came into existence. The usual statistics are accompanied by beautiful artwork, descriptions of the potion’s smell, taste, warnings, and brewing instructions. And, that’s just the potions . . . there’s far more to discover inside!

The book includes:

  • 30+ brand new potions, including an origin story and incredible artwork for each one!

  • New plants to use as ingredients, inventory, and story points!

  • Supplemental rules for potions, including wild effects, potion misuse, and partial potions!

  • Potion-themed locations and fully-stocked shops suitable for any campaign, including vibrant NPCs!

  • Battle maps, adventure hooks, and random places to find potions for even more adventure options!

  • More than 20 tables to expand potion possibilities and flavor! Plus new spells and monsters!

  • VTT maps include 300DPI and 72DPI grid and no-grid

  • Printer-friendly version included with digital edition

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