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Secrets of the Drowgar

28 pages
Digital PDF

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

Secrets of the Drowgar introduces a mysterious and secretive new race for use in any campaign setting. Combining the darkness of the drow and the power of the duergar, the drowgar step out of the shadows and into the light.

Inside you'll find . . .

  • A race suitable for player characters, NPCs, and villains!

  • 3 new backgrounds for use with any race!

  • 2 new archetypes/subclasses for use with any race!

  • 2 new deities including myths and traditions!

  • A new fortune-telling method, including an option to use props!

  • 5 NPCs of varying challenge rating!

  • 10 adventure hooks and tips for bringing the drowgar into your campaign!

  • Over 25 pages of content!

  • Printer-friendly version included!

Secrets of the Drowgar cover smaller.png

"This is a very professionally designed supplement. What really makes it the most interesting is the culture [of the drowgar]. "

-- RogueWatson YouTube channel

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