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Van Richten's Libram of Lineages

17 pages
Digital PDF

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

Brand new lineages and optional rules suitable for any setting!

Inside you will find these lineages . . .

  • With a shadow that's not their own, the shadowsoul wields otherworldly power.

  • Tethered to a magical key, the key keeper seeks the key's mysterious home lock.

  • Infected with a dark disease, the blighted must master their newfound abilities.

  • The bookbearer is cursed to carry a fantastical book and capture sinful knowledge for Mephistopheles.


Plus . . .

  • Optional rules to remove a lineage from a character or link them together for a linear progression.

  • Full color artwork for every lineage!

  • Printer-friendly version included!

Van Richten's Libram of Lineages cover smaller.png

"The most important things about these lineages are the ideas for character concepts . . . that makes the $2.99 well worth the money."
-- Tomás Giménez Rioja,

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